Property Search Tools

Find the Deals

There are lots of property search websites out there, which tools perform the best? Here is our favorites list of websites that provide search tools for foreclosures, REO properties, FISBOs, commercial properties, mobile homes and more..... Read More


Credit Tools

A Good Credit Score

There are many ways to creatively finance your real estate deals that are not based on your FICO score and don’t involve conventional bank financing. Therefore a great credit score is not necessary but certainly beneficial to have. A good credit score allows you to have multiple credit cards and lines of credit, which is always a plus in this business. More open lines of credit gives you more options when structuring a deal, or rehabbing a property. When you need to make a quick decision on an investment, you’ll have the resources literally at your fingertips! ...Read More


Marketing Tools

Laying the Foundation

Laying the foundation of your real estate business begins with marketing. It’s imperative that you get the word out into the community about your product and services. Market yourself as the “Go To” person for all real estate solutions! Your marketing to sellers and buyers and everything in between ...Read More


Time Management Tools

Is it Important or Imperative?

Time management is a common practice amongst all highly successful entrepreneurs. Without a task list and action plan it’s easy to waste time doing tasks that really aren’t that important. You need to plan out each day and prioritize your task lists…is it important or imperative? You need to know when to delegate, how to limit distractions and carve out personal time. Managing your time effectively increases productivity and keeps you healthy and sane! Here are some practical tools for time management and for setting goals ...Read More


Inspirational Tools

Tools That Inspire

Feed your mind. For any business owner whether your business is real estate or crab fishing, there will be ups and there will be downs. It’s critical that you have an inspirational tool such as a great movie, a positive book, inspirational quotes or an uplifting audio book. Positive mind feed is an essential tool for all entrepreneurs and business owners. Here are a few of our favorite tools to keep you positive and on track! ...Read More


Office Tools

Portable and Virtual

As a real estate investor you will want to choose office tools that are portable and virtual. Creating a virtual on the go office enables you to conduct business anywhere. Print out a contract on site, scan with your neat receipts portable printer and efax a signed document in minutes. Conduct business in your car…on a job site… or from the beach ...Read More

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