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A Good Credit Score

There are many ways to creatively finance your real estate deals that are not based on your FICO score and don’t involve conventional bank financing. Therefore a great credit score is not necessary but certainly beneficial to have. A good credit score allows you to have multiple credit cards and lines of credit, which is always a plus in this business. More open lines of credit gives you more options when structuring a deal, or rehabbing a property. When you need to make a quick decision on an investment, you’ll have the resources literally at your fingertips!

Tool Subcategories:

New or Established

Need to establish credit or apply for new lines of credit? This is our favorite website for credit card applications.

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Know Your Score

It’s important to know your credit score and be proactive and informed of what’s on your credit report. A credit report is often the first place people detect identity theft. By regularly monitoring your credit, you can reduce the damage from credit fraud. We recommend checking your report quarterly or subscribe to a service that keeps you posted on a monthly basis and will keep you informed of any unusual activity. Here are two websites that we highly recommend.

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Get Back on Track

Here is some practical information and resources for repairing or improving your FICO score.

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