Office Tools

Portable and Virtual

As a real estate investor you will want to choose office tools that are portable and virtual. Creating a virtual on the go office enables you to conduct business anywhere. Print out a contract on site, scan with your neat receipts portable printer and efax a signed document in minutes. Conduct business in your car…on a job site… or from the beach.

Tool Subcategories:

Your Cyberspace Cubicle

The Internet has made it possible for real estate investors to set up shop in a virtual world.

  • There are numerous benefits to running your business online.
  • Work from Home
  • Take your Business With You, On the Go
  • Save Money on Office Expenses
  • 24-7 Professional Phone Answering Service
  • Use a Virtual Assistant instead of an employee
  • Virtual Fax, dump the fax machine (obsolete)
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Office on the Go

As a real estate investor, your title and job description should be “Transactional Engineer” not “Office Administrator”. Don’t get bogged down in the insignificant details of operating a business, the tasks that are not going to make you money. As a transactional engineer you know how to create and make the money. You will need the flexibility of having an Office on the Go. Here are a few portable office tools that will give the freedom you’ll need to orchestrate those real estate deals!

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Open for Business

When you decide to start your Real Estate Investment business, you have many decisions to make. Probably the most important decision is which type of business entity to establish. There are many entities from a simple S-Corp to a Limited Liability Corporation and more. Each entity will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Talk to your CPA for advice and evaluate each option from a tax standpoint and assess any legal liability considerations when determining which will best fit your business. Here is a great service to start with in setting up your business entity.

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