Virtual Office

Your Cyberspace Cubicle

The Internet has made it possible for real estate investors to set up shop in a virtual world.

  • There are numerous benefits to running your business online.
  • Work from Home
  • Take your Business With You, On the Go
  • Save Money on Office Expenses
  • 24-7 Professional Phone Answering Service
  • Use a Virtual Assistant instead of an employee
  • Virtual Fax, dump the fax machine (obsolete)


The Smarter Virtual Phone Number eVoice is a powerful yet simple phone system that automatically answers every call with a professional greeting and routes them to your office, cell phone, home—or any number, so you'll never miss a call. And that's just the beginning. eVoice sends your voicemail to email, transcribes your voice messages, screens your calls and allows you to work from anywhere. 

Portable, virtual and easy to use, eFax enables you to use your computer, tablet and even your smart phone to send faxes quickly. Saving time and money on expensive home office equipment or travel to the nearest office store.

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RingCentral provides cloud computing based phone systems, designed to help small businesses manage mobile, fax, and email communications. Its products include RingCentral Office, RingCentral Mobile, and RingCentral Fax.

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